Best Free Email Providers List 2019 and features of business email service

Nowadays, it is much easier to create free email accounts by utilizing the free email providers list across the online marketplace. You can refer to this guide to understand the best free email sign up accounts and its best features. It is essential to know its characteristics and choose the best one while signing up for a free email account. The email accounts may differ depending on the customization, its interface appearance, and the email storage space. Also, other sorts of advanced features such as filters, messaging, and the ability for data import.

free email providers list 2019

You can also need to select the best and actual email address. In case, if you are not able to choose your desired email addresses then proceed with the next available options. You can try with multiple variations and combinations to get a free email sign up with the help of an account username generator. In case, if you prefer to sign up for a new one from the available free email address list and even do not remember your existing email account then now, it is much easier to track your email address instead of creating a new one.

Features of Business Email Service

Find below the list of best features offered for Business email service:


While choosing the best business email service providers, you need to ensure the storage space that is added to your email account to avoid running out of storage space.


It is essential to have a good reputation by the business email service providers to offer the email address to their prospective clients.

Ease of Use

During your business growth, the employees may prefer to create their official email accounts for use. You need to choose the best service providers to avail of easy to use for reducing the staff training time.


You need to ensure that your business email provider will offer security measures to safeguard your email accounts from hackers. Your messages should be safe and away from any unauthorized access to your email account.


A few email services may perform better with multiple business tools like productivity suites, calendars, etc. If you are entirely depending on using those tools then choose the best email package to utilize them.


It is most important that your email service should be up and running without any downtime. In such situations, it may result in unhappy or lost customers.

Spam Filter

Users will not prefer to waste time reading spam messages. Hence, it is advisable to utilize the Spam filter system to automatically detect the spam messages and filter out of your inbox.

Advanced Features

In case, if you have a small business then it is important to utilize the advanced email features such as scheduled tasks or recalling the sent messages. Depending upon your unique business requirements, you can make use of the important advanced features.

Archive Capabilities

The best and most popular email providers will offer you to draft, organize the email messages, store, and save. For most of the businesses, it is vital to keep tracking the well-organized and accurate business communication records.

Best Free Email Providers List 2019

Find below the best and most popular free email providers list 2019:

Lycos is one of the best and most popular email providers that are available across the online marketplace. In the early 1990s, this company has been launched to offer a web portal and as well as an Internet search engine. The company is still operating to provide a web portal and a search engine service along with a free email service.

It includes the storage space with 500 MB to utilize the Lycos free email account. They also offer virus checking and spam filtering features. The user can also block specific email addresses and as well as domain names.

Yahoo! Mail

We all know that Yahoo Mail service is the second biggest email providers with regards to their popularity. It offers 1 TB free storage space for free email account while Gmail service provider can offer only 15 GB storage space for its users. While registering for a Yahoo account, the users can also access the other Yahoo-related services such as calendar, a news feed, and many more.

Besides, Yahoo Mail service will allow the users to search and filters the emails and also it’s attachments as well. Yahoo Mail service could be the best choice if you prefer to utilize it frequently for sending files. However, please ensure that your email total capacity should not exceed 25 MB space. The biggest drawback of this email service is its advertisement placement.


AOL is one of the best online sites to offer a free webmail service. In particular, the email features are virus and spam protection. You can get free unlimited storage with the most attractive features. In case, if you prefer to send numerous emails daily when compared with the Gmail service, it is advisable to sign-up for a free AOL account. However, please ensure that your email total capacity should not exceed 25 MB space. AOL allows the user to import contacts from numerous file formats such as LDIF, CSV, or TXT.


The Outlook from Microsoft-powered is one of Hotmail’s rebranded versions and entirely different from its alternate Microsoft Outlook email client. This is another most important email client and achieved the 3rd place across the online marketplace. The most important reason is due to its extra features, numerous add-ins (100+) are available.

For example, the users can opt for Evernote add-in, which allows them to convert their emails to the notebook file format. Make use of the Email Recovery add-in to retrieve the deleted emails with ease. However, too much storage space will be utilized by the advertisement placement. In case, if you prefer to choose the ad-free email accounts then you need to subscribe for a Paid subscription for $20.


We all know that the Gmail email provider is one of the most popular and best free email providers across the globe with numerous features. It offers a flexible & simple user-friendly interface and also the free storage space of 15 GB. Users can opt for the AJAX-powered or conventional interface to use. Google also allows the user to integrate their email account with numerous other Google services such as Google Calendar, Google Suite (which is an advanced file sharing feature), and Google Hangout (Video & Chat call).

If you frequently utilize YouTube by setting up your free Gmail account then it is much easier to manage and access your YouTube account as well. Besides, you can also utilize the great filtering feature. Depending upon the closest criteria like folder types & wordings, it is possible to group the email conversations.

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