Jetflicks App iPhone and its brief review in 2019

Jetflicks is one of the best and most popular online subscription-based services which allow the users to download & stream TV shows & movies. It includes numerous collections of copyrighted video content and distributes the same to its Paid Subscribers around the globe. However, Jetflicks app iPhone is currently not available for its users.

Jetflicks app iPhone review

At one point, the management member who is running the Jetflicks planned to start a new competing website referred to as iStreamItAll. Similar to Jetflicks, most of the ISIA provided content can telecast with the help of a regular subscription plan. Also, it includes various movies and TV episodes for its users. The website claimed that it has various available video content when compared to its competitors such as Amazon Prime, Vudu, Hulu, and Netflix.

All the video content that is available under the Jetflicks websites is taken from the Torrentz, RARBG, and the Pirate Bay sites. According to the DOJ, those are the world’s most popular and largest Usenet & Torrent sites that can easily infringe the traffic content. Both ISIA & Jetflicks are specially designed to execute on multiple platforms such as web browsers, set-top boxes, digital media players, video game consoles, smart televisions, tablets, and Smartphones.

Jetflicks App Review

Jetflicks 2019 App has numerous streaming options and allow the users with a user-friendly interface to choose their preferred TV episodes or shows to watch or stream. It also allows the users to choose the video content to stream through the HD (High Definition) version within the provided options to save your mobile data. Users can utilize an unlimited number of TV episodes or show season and also watch any time anywhere.

With these available features, you can wonder why to utilize this Jetflicks 2018 App. Yes, instead of other TV episodes streaming apps. Moreover, the Jetflicks video content is updated regularly. It makes the users happier to watch or stream their favorite television shows without any hassle. Users can utilize this useful app and subscribe to the paid annual subscription at an affordable price at just $50. Even, the users can also subscribe for a paid monthly subscription at $10 to watch the favorite shows.

Jetflicks Shut Down

We all know that Jetflicks shut down information is widely spread across the online platform. Jetflicks started in 2009 & iStreamItAll started its process in 2014. However, later Jetflicks received a ceased letter in 2012 from the MPI of America (Motion Picture Association) for the piracy issues and the case started its investigation in 2017.

The managers of iStreamItAll & Jetflicks have to face the money laundering charges and additional copyright infringement and forced them to place in prison for numerous decades. The prosecutors informed that the defendants have to appear for the case and taken into custody for further investigation.

Jetflicks App for iPhone (iOS Devices)

We regret to inform you that currently, Jetflicks App iPhone is currently not available for the users to install. However, they can download the Android APK file and make the file to execute on your iOS devices.

Best Alternatives – Execute Android Apps on your iOS Devices

There are numerous alternative apps available across the online platform to execute the Android apps on your iOS devices. A few of them are listed below for your reference:

  • Bluestacks App Player.
  • APowerMirror

Bluestacks App Player

Bluestacks App Player is one of the best and most popular Android emulators that is available within the online market. This App player enables the application to execute the Android apps on your iOS device. Well, without the requirement of executing the Android apps on your iPad, iPod, and iPhone. Most of the iOS users can use Android apps or games without using the Android device to download the apps directly from the Google Play Store.

This program can download free of cost for use. It is also possible to utilize your keyboard & mouse on your computer to execute the Android apps to control your virtual-based Android Smartphone. Find below the instructions to execute the Android apps:

  • First of all, you need to download and install the Bluestacks App Player on your iPhone.
  • Access the App player and log in using your Google (Gmail) account for configuration.
  • Also, download the Jetflicks APK Android file to your iPhone device.
  • If not, on the App player’s main page, you can browse and locate the Jetflicks APK app and press the download icon.
  • After downloading the file, tap the Install icon.
  • Once the installation is over, you can utilize the Jetflicks App on your iPhone device.

However for iOS users, it is much harder to execute the Android apps on your iPad directly. But they can utilize alternative apps to enjoy running the Android apps.


ApowerMirror is one of the best choices to execute Android apps & games on your iPhone and iPad (iOS devices). This is one of the most popular Jetflicks alternatives and utilized by various users. It is also considering as the best screen mirroring application. It allows the user to screen mirror their Android screen to their iOS device in the simplest way.

However, it is not necessary to download the Android games or app to utilize the same on your iPhone or iOS devices and not even jailbreak the iOS devices. Before to utilize the ApowerMirror, you need to ensure both the iOS & Android devices to connect at the same time using a similar Wi-Fi (Wireless) network.

You can follow the below instructions to utilize the Android applications on your iOS device with the help of the ApowerMirror app:

  • Download the ApowerMirror app on both Android & iOS devices.
  • Access the application on both devices. Browse the blue mirror icon on your Android device and it will automatically search the available devices for connection.
  • Choose your iOS device from the available devices list.
  • Press the Start Now icon to display your Android screen on your iOS device.
  • Execute the Android Apps on your iOS device using the ApowerMirror app.

If both the devices are gets connected then it is much easier to view or display the Android apps or games on your iPhone or iOS devices.

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