How to process Searscard com paperless with essential steps

We all know that Searscard com paperless provides two different types of credit cards. They are as follows:

Sears Card – This type of store credit card is used only at the website or Sears stores, and also with Kmart. The cardholders can gain special offers and monthly deals online or in-store. The users are provided access to coupons and events. With this credit card, you are qualified for any sorts of special financing on the selected purchases at website and Sears stores.

Searscard com paperless steps

Sears Mastercard – This type of credit card at any seller who accepts the Mastercard and also it earns numerous points for your shopping. After opening the account, you will get 5% cashback for the first year at gas station purchases and 3% cash back on grocery store purchase and selected eligible restaurants.

If once you reach the first rewards points of $10,000 with the combination of expenses from grocery stores, restaurants, gas station, etc., you will be dropped back to the rewards rate of 1% cashback. The users will get unlimited 2% cash back for the first year purchase at Kmart and Sears stores. After completing the first year, the rewards rate will be back to 1% cashback. Moreover, there is no annual fee for both credit cards.

Activating the Sears Mastercard

Most of the users shopping at Sears stores are provided with an opportunity to avail the Sears Mastercard. This is one among the most popular credit card which was issued by the Citibank and it can be utilized in numerous stores. This Mastercard includes various rewards for loyal customers and also comes with other one-time benefits like discounts, promotions, etc on every purchase.

If you own a new Citibank Sears Mastercard then it is essential to activate the card through the online platform, phone, or within the store. Activation is a hassle-free process and can be directly handled by Citibank. As a member, the Sears Mastercard is allowed to use within the Sears Holding Company such as Sears Hometown Stores, Sears Auto Centers, Sears Hardware, Sears Grand, Sears Essential,, and You can follow the below-outlined process to activate your Sears Mastercard:

Activating Sears Mastercard through Online

As a new customer of Sears Mastercard, you need to access the Citibank’s online credit card activation system. It is essential to access the Citibank web portal and proceed with the outlined procedures. You need to keep the important things ready to complete the Mastercard activation process such as primary cardholder’s information and as well as the credit card details.

Input the primary account holder’s name (as it appears on your credit card), Date of birth, your Credit card number, along with the 3-digit security code). Ensure that you have provided the appropriate information under the respective fields and finally press the Submit button. Within a few seconds, your Sears Mastercard activation process will be completed successfully.

Activating Sears Mastercard through Phone

Most of them prefer to activate their credit card through the online process but still, it is possible to activate the Sears Mastercard through the toll-free number. The new users need to contact the Sear Credit card customer service (Citibank’s activation) by dialing the number 1-800-589-7327.

The activation portal is much faster and the best way to complete the process quickly. The new user has to follow the provided online instructions and need to enter their personal information and credit card details to get it done. If you are still experiencing any issues then you can also contact another Sear Credit card customer service at 1-800-815-7701.

Tips for New Users

As a new user, it is important to understand the entire information about your Sears Mastercard credit card. You need to familiarize yourself with its entire benefits and make use of them. Sometimes a few rewards such as roadside assistance or car rental insurance might be buried under the fine print of cardholder’s agreement.

  • It is most important to carefully go through your cardholder agreement.
  • You need to sign at the rear side of your credit card to decrease the identity theft.

Sears Credit card Payment

Sears is one among the well-known and most popular department stores with retail chain offer the users with a wide range of products to purchase over the online portal and as well as in stores like appliances, tools, and clothing. To assist with the finance purchases, the seller offers two different options: The Sears Mastercard Rewards card and the Sears Credit Card, both of them were issued by Citibank.

After utilizing the Sears Mastercard or Credit card, you need to process the Sears credit card payment through multiple ways. The users can choose their most convenient option to process the payment by following any one of the following steps to keep your Sears Mastercard or Credit card account updated.

Sears Credit Card Payment through Phone

You can pay Sears credit card or Mastercard through the 24/7 phone support. Please contact the Sears Credit Card Customer Service team at the toll-free number at 1-800-815-7701 and follow the IVR prompts to process the credit card payment. It is also possible to request for a customer service representative to help you with the payment process.

Setting up online Sears Payment account

Online payment processing is the easiest and fastest way to process your payment. It is necessary to create a new Sears credit card payment account. Follow the below steps:

  • Visit the Sears official website.
  • Press the Sign-on to your account icon that is available at the top right-hand side screen corner.
  • On the existing page, press the Register your Credit Card icon.
  • Input the required & mandatory information under the respective fields to register your Sears Credit Card or Mastercard.

If once the registration is over, the users will receive a confirmation email to activate their credit card.

Sears Credit Card Payment through Online

After creating an online account, you can easily process the Sears Credit card payment without any hassle. Follow the below steps:

  • Access the Sears official website home page.
  • Choose the option named “Pay your Bill”.
  • Input your account login credentials (User ID & password) under the Sign-on webpage and press the Sign-on icon to access your Sears account.
  • Press the Pay Now icon and input the appropriate bill amount you would prefer to pay.
  • Your payment process can be completed by using the Net Banking ID, Debit card, or Credit card.
  • In case, if you are experiencing logging issue then you can contact the Sear credit card customer service at 1-800-815-7701 for further assistance.

Sears Credit Card Payment through Mail

The Sears cardholders can also another option by paying the payment through the mail. Expedited payment addresses and regular mail are available.

Mail your payment to the following address: Sears Payment Center, P.O. Box 9001055, Louisville, KY 40290-1055. For overnight payments, you can utilize this address: Sears Overnight/Payment Center, 6716, Grade Lane, Building 9, Ste. 910, Louisville, KY 40213.

Sears Credit Card Payment through In-Person

It is also possible to process your Credit Card payment within any Sears location. Users are convenient to pay where they are planning to shop or live nearby. To get the fastest and quickest service, you need to provide your billing statement to the Sears store.

Process your Sears Credit Card Payment on Time

It is most important and essential to avoid negative credit reporting. And, late fees by paying your bill payment on time. The users are allow to choose their preferred due date to process to pay Sears credit card bill. Even, you can contact the Sears Credit Card customer service and provide them your desired billing date.

The bank will allow at least 25 days for you as the grace period. To avoid the bill amount interest, you can process the entire balance bill payment before the due date. For late payments, you need to pay at least $27 (if there is no late payment pending for the past 6 billing cycles) and $37 late fee if there is any payment pending in the last 6 billing cycles.

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